Restoring Balance Consulting provides online seminars available to assist community organizations, agencies and First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities. Our online seminars are focused on trauma informed care, domestic violence and cultural sensitivity and awareness.


Community workers, caregivers and first responders often support those dealing with the impact of trauma, which can be challenging and stressful, however, having an understanding of how trauma impacts the mind and body, and utilizing a self-regulation exercise to manage the stress in the body, will keep you focused in life. Also having a better understanding of the clients who are survivors of trauma.

Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness training and Domesitic Violence Online Seminars are available for bookings.


Gerald Kiesman, facilitator, brings along 20 years experience working in the area of trauma recovery, he has faciliated at least 400 workshops throughout western and central Canada. Providing Trauma Training to frontline workers and healing workshops to youth, men, women and elders.


If you would like to book an online seminar please contact Gerald Kiesman:


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