About Restoring Balance Consulting

Restoring Balance Consulting offers community based trauma training workshops for community workers and wellness workshops for community members.

Restoring Balance Consulting has developed useful and practical resource material for various training and wellness workshops.  A Trauma Healing Guide has been developed that provides a clear and basic understanding of trauma along with practical healing and journal exercises. The guide have been proven to be an essential resource to assist people who have experienced trauma.

Please see further pages on website for training and health wellness workshops and trauma resource material.

Biography of Gerald Kiesman/Consultant

Gerald is well known and respected for his work with community workers and members throughout western Canada. He has facilitated over 300 workshops, training community workers and providing health and wellness workshops. Gerald has facilitated at numerous conferences and seminars throughout western and central Canada.

In 2000 Gerald earned a certificate in Professional Counselling and in 2001, he completed Level 1, 2, 3 Somatic Experience Trauma Counselling and is accomplished in training Therapeutic Re-Enactment. Amongst his accomplishments he also obtained a diploma in Business Administration.

With 15 years of research on trauma post traumatic stress disorder,  Gerald has developed a Trauma Healing Guide for his various training and wellness workshops. The healing guide is available online for purchase.

One of Gerald’s workshops were broadcasted on CBC National News, his work and personal life experiences of healing has been shared in many media broadcasts.  In the summer of 2010 Gerald raised awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by cycling throughout British Columbia.